Virtualmin and ConfigServer

When I install ConfigServer and turn it up Virtualmin works. The problem I have is if I go to open the local file directory from https://MYSERVER.NET:60/virtual-server/restore_form.cgi or when I try to select any file window. The webpage opens up and just spins. What Firewall port am I missing? I moved my vritualmin port to 60. I did add that to the list. I also tried adding 10000 to 10010.



Howdy -- are you referring to CSF there?

If you disable CSF, do things work properly again?

You really should only need the one port though, you may need to look at the CSF logs to see what port is being blocked at the time.

Yes talking about CSF. If I disable it everything works fine. I have been trying to dig in the logs nothing shows up. I was trying to figure out how choose.cgi access the operating system to get a directory.

Yeah it really should all be through the one port... when only one server is involved, you should only need port 10000 (or 60 in your case).

You may need to try enabling more verbose logging in CSF to determine what's going on there... it's possible it's not a port issue, and that CSF may be attempting to rate limit traffic or something similar.

Are you using any of the related CSF tools, such as LFD? We've seen some LFD related problems in the past, due to too restrictive defaults.

Found it. Was watching the log and noticed that my NFS mount where I store my backup on a secondary NIC got dropped. When CSF is on it blocked the NFS and the chooser was looking for it and couldn't find it. Had to adjust the config now it works.

That's great, I'm glad you got it working -- thanks for letting us know how you fixed it!