Cloudmin Connect Trial-Code & Paypal-purchase for a "Cloudmin Connect Annual Subscription"

Hello, as the title say I would like to try Cloudmin connect and for that it would be grat if i can pay by paypal. And the other question is there a way to get your anounced 30day trial key?

thanks a lot and greetings from germany!



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

We don't actually have a 30 day trial, so to speak.

What we have is a 30 day money back guarantee -- after purchasing software, if you aren't happy for any reason, we'll gladly refund your money with no questions asked.

If you're interested in trying Cloudmin Connect, you can send $40 to via Paypal.

Once you do that, let us know here, and then we'll go ahead and issue you your license.

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

Okay, you're all set!

You can see your license by going into Account -> Software Licenses.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Hey, one more short question. should i buy 2 licences to use a failover cluster? and is there a best practice how to configure a failover cluster? greetings

No, you only need one licence for failover

Are you interested in failover options for the Virtual Machines you're hosting?

Two options for that are this option here for failovers when using shared storage:

And this option here for DNS based failovers when not using shared storage:

Also, you may want to take a peek at the information here on cloning a system:

Let us know if you have any questions, or want to go over any of that in more detail.

thanks a lot for your fast reply i not relly need virtualization but i thought cloudmin-connect is that what i was looking for beacause i need a solution to manage 2 identical physical systems with a failover-ip preferred as master-master but master-slave will also work earlier i managed that with drbd and corosync/pacemaker and on top an other administration pannel but maybe cloud-/virtual-/webmin can handle everything for me?

thank u for every hint! greetings from germany

The second option above, the Round Robin DNS method, can be used as a failover method for physical systems.

There would still be the matter of keeping the two systems in sync. There's a number of ways to handle that, including the drdb you mentioned.

The third link above regarding cloning is generally for virtual systems.

Cloudmin doesn't really offer a way to clone physical systems, though if you're running Virtualmin as well, you can have it replicate domains that are running on a given server. Information about that is here:

okay, thank a lot!!! i will figure it out and than i come back to u if i know the cloudmin licence is helpfull or not, maybe it better to purchase one of your other licences... i'll let u know again, thanks a lot, thats realy great support!

Hey, i gave it a try but i didn't find any solution for my wishes... :( So i didn't need the cloudmin connect licence anymore

Webmin has some interesting Cluster-Features but i need to find a way to automatize the usersynchronisation and everything else

Are there some more features in webmin pro? I didn't find any directly comparision? Maybe i will give it a try

There's a Virtualmin Pro, though it doesn't contain any clustering features.

Webmin itself has the ability to do clustering in a sense, though I'm not sure it's what you're after.

We can certainly issue you a refund if you decide Cloudmin isn't for you, but is there a particular feature you're seeking?

I'm trying to get 2 physical server synced and via failover in a HA-Cluster As u said Webmin has some features like that so i will figure that out Unfortunately the cluster-settings aren't avaiable via cli but i will find a way ;)

Well, it has some clustering options, but I'm not sure that they're designed for keeping two servers completely in sync.

Jamie, does Webmin have anything built in for keeping two servers completely in sync? Or would someone need an additional tool to handle that sort of thing?

Cloudmin has a one-way sync feature using backups, but keeping two machines in two-way sync would require that they share storage (like home directories via NFS, and databases via a shared MySQL server).

Thank u! It's good to know that the Cluster options use the Backup option because this is maybe a way to automate that part...

But as i said i did't need the cloud licence anymore and i re-installed the testservers without cloudmin so it would be great if u can refund me I also wana thank u again for the grat support! If i chose virtualmin i think i will subscribe there again just to support all of u!

greetings from germany an have a nice weekend

Just to clarify, Jamie is saying Cloudmin offers that option, rather than Webmin.

I think he's implying that Webmin wouldn't have the features you're looking for in a sync/replication setup.

Did you want to discuss the Cloudmin sync further?

Or did you wish to have us refund you for that now?

No problem, I've refunded your payment.

Thanks for giving Cloudmin a try!

I did't geht any refund and The licence is already in my profile


Ah, my apologies, we attempted that this morning but apparently it didn't work properly.

I've done it again just now, and it's now correctly showing up in a refunded state.

Note that it will likely take the funds 3-5 days to arrive.