BUG: Possible to make a new mail alias without a delivery address makes postfix unreliable responding

Hi Guys,

A few months ago I discovered that it is possible to create a new mail alias without a delivery address. Just by mistake. This makes postfix responding unreliable and postfix will not start afterwards.

The new address seems to be added but does not show up in the alias list of the domain. Therefore it can only be fixed by editing the alias file manually.

Please fix this as I bumped into it now many times.



Can you explain further what you mean by a mail alias without a delivery address? Is this an alias to a user that doesn't exist?

Did you tried to just create a new mail alias without a destination mailbox or e-mailaddress?

Oh, do you mean an alias that doesn't forward to any destination?

Yes, thats what my message says. Did you tried?

Ok, I see what you mean now - this will be fixed in the next Virtualmin release.