Server Permissions

Hello. I've been installing a fresh copies of CentOS 7 and Virtualmin, but every time it seems permissions are messed up in some way I've never seen. When I try to install wordpress, it cannot create wp-config.php, update plugins or do any task involving creating new files on a new virtual server. I've tried several ways of resetting the permissions without luck. Any suggestions? (This is a fresh install of both OS and Virtualmin Pro, no modifications)



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

For the domain where you're seeing this problem, if you go into it's "public_html" folder, what output do you see if you run the command "ls -la"?

And then, what PHP execution mode are you using? You can determine that by going into Server Configuration -> Website Options.

Thanks for the response. I won't be able to diagnose that issue anymore since switching to Ubuntu 16.04 from Centos 7 fixed the issue for me. I believe it may have been due to Centos having several versions of php installed and Ubuntu only uses php7, but I can't be sure.