Let's make this an official request. I would like to Cloudlinux become an officially supported operating system...:)



Funny, I had lunch with the founder of CloudLinux a few weeks ago, and we talked about this.

For Webmin, it's easy and already done. For Virtualmin, it's more complex due to CloudLinux's use of some custom Apache / etc packages.

nod nod nod...i hope it progresses as i would love to combine cloudlinux with virtualmin..:)

Well so for a cloudlinux install why not use cloudlinux's packages and ahve virt be a control panel on top of or alongside it?

I'd like to add my vote to this - I currently have to have a cPanel server in order to run CloudLinux (for shared hosting) and I beat my face against the desk every time I have to use (and pay for) it but the other servers I manage all running WebMin/VirtualMin are so much easier to setup and run, not to mention cheaper, but I could really do with the extra level of separation & resource management CL provides.

Do you think there's any scope it getting the two to work together in the near future?