how to create domain virtual server account holder


according to this article, admin can create " domain virtual server account holder", but document did not mention how and where

I invite my friend to developing a woo commerce site, he has ftp login but he is asking like a "file manager" to access that particular virtual server...since I have tons of other virtual servers and not related to his project.

how to achieve ? what to do?

something similar to a reseller program?



Title: my friend want to access file manager ยป how to create domain virtual server account holder
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Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Just to make sure I understand, are you saying that currently, you have a number of domains within one particular account -- and that you'd like to grant file manager access to one domain within this account?

But they shouldn't have access to the other domains?

Okay, I think I understand then!

Though the bad news is, within a given account, there isn't a way to lock a user into one domain.

Users within that account would be able to see any of the websites belonging to that account.

A solution to that might be to take that domain, and move it into it's own account.

Once that domain is in it's own account, you can create multiple administrators for it, and none of them would be able to access domains from your other account(s).

To move a domain into it's own account, you can go into Server Configuration -> Move Virtual Server.

Would that do what you're after?

no really...because to do that the user ALREADY has a domain, now the issue is, how to create a user under this suggestion is one step forward already

to specfic the issue, is the domain my friend is working on, he want to access "File Manager" but how to do that without letting him access the rest of other domains

can he access through there?

and have its down virtualmin control panel?