generate a ssl certifcate from a csr witg let's encrypt


I need to generate a ssl certifcate from a CSR that someone give to me, with let's encrypt. it's for a subdomain ( that i own but this subdomain has a A cname to another server that don't belong to me. I want to run a cloud app on this subdomain. Also, i'v already a ssl certificate for my main domain (

how do i do that ?

Maybe it's not possible with let's encrypt module inside virtualmin but in command shell it's surely possible i guess ?

Thanks to help me




Howdy -- there's unfortunately not a supported way to do that from within Virtualmin.

You may be able to manually do that from the command line, if that's something it supports, though I don't personally know the specifics on how to do that.

Webmin/Virtualmin uses the tool "/usr/share/webmin/webmin/" for generating Let's Encrypt certificates, there's documentation on using it here:

What you'd need to do is replace the ssl.cert, ssl.key, and possibly the files within the user's homedir with any certificates you generate.