Upgraded to unlimited, but the interface still shows a limit

I originally had a 50 domain license and needed more. So I followed the steps and purchased an unlimited license. I applied the new license with the virtualmin change-licence command and it checked the serial number as expected and indicated .. valid for unlimited domains until 2018-07-27. However, when I log into virtualmin and goto System Information --> Virtualmin License it shows the new ser# and key but still shows only 50 domains.

Need to get this fixed asap as I am in the middle of adding a bunch of new domains, but can't.



I just noticed that the Expiry date/Days until expiry did not update either.

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Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

While it will fix itself within a few hours, to get it fixed immediately, try logging into Virtualmin as root, hover your mouse over the Virtualmin version on the system information screen -- and when you do that, it'll show a button labeled "Re-Check License Status".

If you click that button, it should sync your installation with what's in the Virtualmin license database and correct that.

Thanks! That got it.

We're looking into why that didn't apply immediately when you assigned the license to your server -- can you clarify which Virtualmin version it is that you're using there?