let's encrpt error msg

Hi I got an error on a testing site for ssl, this site has "nothing", just a wordpress install, nothing modify. please help

Parsing account key... Parsing CSR... Registering account... Already registered! Verifying www.test.orderlastminute.com... Wrote file to /home/test/public_html/.well-known/acme-challenge/8_-VpTdjLDWmopekKB-E_pcQow2z_to9bb3ELnf0ed8, but couldn't download http://www.test.orderlastminute.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/8_-VpTdjL... Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/webmin/webmin/acme_tiny.py", line 202, in main(sys.argv[1:]) File "/usr/share/webmin/webmin/acme_tiny.py", line 198, in main signed_crt = get_crt(args.account_key, args.csr, args.acme_dir, log=LOGGER, CA=args.ca) File "/usr/share/webmin/webmin/acme_tiny.py", line 153, in get_crt domain, challenge_status)) ValueError: www.test.orderlastminute.com challenge did not pass: {u'status': u'invalid', u'validationRecord': [{u'addressesResolved': [], u'url': u'http://www.test.orderlastminute.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/8_-VpTdjL...', u'hostname': u'www.test.orderlastminute.com', u'addressesTried': [], u'addressUsed': u'', u'port': u'80'}], u'keyAuthorization': u'8_-VpTdjLDWmopekKB-E_pcQow2z_to9bb3ELnf0ed8.B97r49jPq6p0h4ivv6NE-cy8AaDEU2uJPRygb8EdHnY', u'uri': u'https://acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/acme/challenge/TzzNOtY6SOIS1_exB2xc...', u'token': u'8_-VpTdjLDWmopekKB-E_pcQow2z_to9bb3ELnf0ed8', u'error': {u'status': 400, u'type': u'urn:acme:error:connection', u'detail': u'DNS problem: NXDOMAIN looking up A for www.test.orderlastminute.com'}, u'type': u'http-01'}



That error means that your domain www.test.orderlastminute.com cannot be resolved by the Let's Encrypt service, or indeed the rest of the internet. You need to properly register it for this to work..

don't get it ....you mean it is a DNS issue?

just want to clarify

Howdy -- yeah you may want to double-check the DNS settings for that domain, and ensure that browsing to "www.test.orderlastminute.com" takes you to the expected website.

I receive a DNS error when attempting to browse there.

Right, what I meant was that the DNS name www.test.orderlastminute.com cannot be resolved.

However, test.orderlastminute.com does work. Is your DNS zone hosted by your Virtualmin system?

Thanks but how about this one message, it is from another sub domain


Parsing account key... Parsing CSR... Registering account... Already registered! Verifying dispatch.orderlastminute.com... Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/share/webmin/webmin/acme_tiny.py", line 235, in main(sys.argv[1:]) File "/usr/share/webmin/webmin/acme_tiny.py", line 231, in main signed_crt = get_crt(args.account_key, args.csr, args.acme_dir, args.dns_hook, args.cleanup_hook, log=LOGGER, CA=args.ca) File "/usr/share/webmin/webmin/acme_tiny.py", line 171, in get_crt raise ValueError("Gave up waiting for valiation") ValueError: Gave up waiting for valiation

Ok, that looks like a separate issue - the cause may be an incompatibility between openssl and Webmin's let's encrypt code. You can fix it by upgrading to the latest webmin version with :

cd /root
wget http://download.webmin.com/devel/deb/webmin_1.851_all.deb
dpkg --install webmin_1.851_all.deb

thanks Jamie

it works

the original topic is not resolved but I learn a lesson how to make it work

So did you manage to solve the problem with your test domain?

yeah, cause I use LInode DNS manager, only new user for 12 months

instaed of just adding "AAA" record

I need to create a master record(Domain Zone) for this subdomain to make it works and recognized by let's encrypt.

no need to use test domain :)