Web server default instead of web site

I will host three domains, one main and two aliases to the main domain.

The main web site used to have a default content, which I created upon domain creation.

The two alias sites have meanwhile been updated DNS-wise, but when I open alias.domain.tld I am redirected to my default web site.

How can I fix this?



Howdy -- it's normal to see the content of the main site when going to an alias... can you clarify what you mean when you say it's redirecting to the default site?

The default site is delivered, when a user tries to open a sub domain that does not exist. The main site content is not delivered, when I enter one of the alias domains, but the default web site.

I read the issue and checked all settings: everything is perfectly set up. Can you make this request private? In that case I could provide you with the actual domain details.

I thought about a side effect, which could cause this issue: the main domain is still not redirected DNS-wise to my server. It would make sense, that the request for altdomain.tld resolves to my server, apache tries to find maindomain.tld and as it does not resolve to my IP is delivering the default web site instead. Does that make sense in your opinion? If so, we should wait until the main domain is redirected properly.

Yeah that's not a bad idea... though if it doesn't start working by tomorrow (Thursday), would it be possible to share the domains in question that you're having a problem with?

We could then do some testing on them to see if any issues stand out.

okay, the main domain is moved and everything seems to work fine. Sorry for posting this issue - I should have waited. :)))

No problem at all!

We're glad to hear it's working now, thanks for letting us know!