restart virtual server

Is it possible to restart only certain virtual server under virtualmin? Say I have 5 domains each with its own IP. can I reboot 1 domain without causing others go down as well?



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Submitted by Joe on Tue, 07/11/2017 - 02:55 Pro Licensee

Yes and no. But, also you probably don't need to think about it; most changes Virtualmin makes that require a restart will perform a graceful restart in Apache, which does not stop existing connections, so there isn't really any down time for websites, and Virtualmin does it without you needing to explicitly do anything.

Virtualmin abstracts a bunch of different services into something that looks independent services for each virtual server but actually shares resources behind the scenes. Some changes can happen without a full restart of the service (most changes in Apache or adding new domains to the DNS server, for instance), while others may require a full restart (adding new IP addresses to listen on, adding new ports, etc. anything that requires Apache have root privileges in order to bind, or similar).

What specifically are you trying to accomplish with the "restart"? We can probably give you some hints on how to do it with minimal or no disruption to service.

well I am using nginx. When we are chagning configs for domains we need to restart it - we are tesitng some configurations which may take multiple restarts etc

You can do something similar with Nginx, using "service nginx reload".

That causes the config to be reloaded without bringing down Nginx, by doing a "hot reload" as they call it.

Will that do what you're after?