Backup Logs

We've got two "scheduled" backups being conducted around the clock, a "full" backup each day, and an "incremental" backup every other hour.

As part of the scheduled backups, I've indicated that backups should be removed after 3 days in each of the two schedules.

Now, I'm not sure if this is by design, or perhaps a bug, but the "backup log" continues to show backups which have otherwise been removed by the system per the above rules.

Further, if I try to delete the log entry from the "backup logs" page, it'll just complain that the file doesn't exist, and therefore not remove the entry.

Perhaps, assuming this is presently by design, an adjustment could be made in the future to remove entries from the backup log page when a backup no longer exists. If it's a bug, then please add to the todo list so it's resolved asap.

While this is not a critical matter, it's more of an annoyance, and makes it difficult to get a quick look at which backups are restorable.





It's by design that backup logs are still visible after purging, so that you can see past history of your backups.

However, they should still be deletable from the UI even if the files are gone. Are these backups to local disk, or a remote server?

Ok, that will be handled in the next Virtualmin release (I'd written the code already, but it hasn't been released yet)