The autoconfig.cgi for setting up AutoConfigure should check at time of enablement what password type is selected in the dovecot settings. I changed the dovecot settings after enabling the AutoConfigure so I disabled, deleted the file (just to be safe), re-enabled it and then checked. It still had clear text password as the option. I know I can manually edit that myself but it just seems that it should be set automatically. Additionally per the spec for the AutoConfig to work for the Mac, you may need to add another ScriptAlias to the vhost config. I'll test to be 100% sure. Maybe iOS has been patched since. I'm testing with the following addition since I see your file is actually adjusting the XML for iOS.
ScriptAlias /email.mobileconfig /home/domain/cgi-bin/autoconfig.cgi

Needs work


Unfortunately it isn't possible currently for autoconfig.cgi to check the current Dovecot settings, as it doesn't run as root and so doesn't have access.

Did you change the Dovecot settings in the Virtualmin UI, or by directly editing dovecot.conf ?

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Submitted by Steffan on Fri, 07/07/2017 - 02:01 Pro Licensee

I made my changes from the Virtualmin UI. While the autoconfig itself is not running at root, Virtualmin is while doing all it's configs. If it writes the correct options like SSL or STARTTLS etc to it then then the autoconfig would be have and thereby be giving the correct information. I guess it all depends how to you're moving it into place. Either by string replace while copying or some kind of printf in text you're outputting to a file, you'd be able to write that. Just ideas to make it better.

I'm looking at all options to improve the mail experience and will try to find a way to share it back to you for future options.