x-unix; can't create user output file , Postfix

I am running virtualmin 5.99, webmin 1.850, usermin 1.720 and now when I send email to test@example.com the email bounces back with following error.

x-unix; can't create user output file

but when I check the mail it is being delivered. and when I checked for folder permission


How can I fix this?

Closed (fixed)


Howdy -- that message indicates that something on your server is preventing Postfix from creating new files within that user's directory.

You may want to verify that the user or domain hasn't reached a quota, and that there isn't an inode or disk space issue as seen in one of your previous issues.

Since you're using Virtualmin GPL though, and that doesn't indicate a bug -- if you had any additional questions regarding that you'd actually want to use the Forums for support. We monitor the Forums, along with lots of wonderful folks in the community. Thanks!

Status: Needs work ยป Closed (fixed)