Cloudmin running on Ubuntu doesn't shut down Windows Server 2016 VM

I have been trying to find the answer to this everywhere but not been able to so perhaps you can help. I have an Ubuntu 16 base system and on that a Windows Server 2016 VM running using KVM and Cloudmin acting as my DC in my house. The issue is that this VM never shuts down during a system reboot etc so I'm always greeted with "unexpected shutdown" when I remote into the Windows 2016 Server. I tried adding more time to "wait" for the guest to shutdown, but that doesn't change anything. Having a remote desktop session with the Windows 2016 Server when rebooting the host shows that it doesn't even try to shut it down. No warning dialog to the logged in user or anything. It just acts like the power was cut. I was thinking about writing some script to run during the shutdown of the Ubuntu host that would end a shutdown signal to the Windows VM using the "net" command. But shouldn't Cloudmin actually take care of gracefully shutting down the machines?

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Cloudmin does try to shutdown VMs using the system_powerdown KVM console command, which is supposed to signal to the OS that a shutdown has been requested (like pressing the soft power button on a real machine). Maybe Windows isn't respecting this signal?

Would there be some easy way to add a script to run at shutdown to send a net command to the windows server to shut it down or could acpi be used to try and shut the virtual machine down?

Hi... Sorry for late reply. I have already made sure these settings are correct but it still doesn't work.

/ Daniel

Do you have access to the system logs on the Windows VM to see if it's receiving any kind of signal when shutdown happens?

Yea... I could check that. What should I look for?