No Submit button in compose in html

A customer told me this and I checked.. With the web mail program, the compose in html, the submit button is missing.. Well, really the "submit" "Save as Draft" and "Save and Exit" that you have in the compose in text are missing.. .

Thanks Don



That's odd - are you sure you're not editing a message in the drafts folder? That's the only time at which "Send" wouldn't appear.

From the :20000 you click compose and a big popup... That one has a compose HTML and when you do you loose the send button... Try sending a HTML message, ;-) And if you click back you loose any html you did..

After trying with the new E browser from MS it does show a "Send Mail" button..
I will let my customer know that she should try a new browser..

First time in a while it looks like the Browser Wars are at it again..
But I guess it needs to be work from Chrome.. Sorry.. :-( More work..