Wrong status shown for Windows VMs

Previous to my crash, Windows VMs would have the status of Alive however they currently say Ping Failed or No SSH. On all of these Windows VMs I had previously gone in and allowed ping just for this purpose. I verified they are in fact running.

Suggestions of what to check for or is it a bug?

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Make sure that at Change Password -> Change login used by Cloudmin that it isn't attempting an SSH login to the Windows VM.

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Submitted by Steffan on Sat, 06/24/2017 - 13:36 Pro Licensee

That is not even an option. It's always missing on this type of VM. Log in and take a look.

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Submitted by Steffan on Sat, 06/24/2017 - 15:29 Pro Licensee

Ok, this is funny. When the type of computer is set to Windows, it removes the option to edit password which makes sense BUT it does not auto set the option to not allow login. That should be automatic. So, I changed it to a Linux OS and then it gives me back the option to edit. Great. Well, here's a problem. The radio dial to set it to not login is disabled. I can't select it. I use the web inspector to set it to checked. I then save and the status now says Alive as it should. Change the OS back to Windows and it still says Alive. I go back to List Managed Servers and the status says No SSH. I have to do a full refresh for it to finally update correctly and say Alive.

Ok, so we have a work around but this is clearly not an easy issue. Seems that if the OS is set to something that cannot have an SSH login then it should auto set the login to NO and the inverse if it's changed to something that can. Hope this is an easy one to fix in the source.

Ok, that's a bug ... I'll fix this in the next Cloudmin release.

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