Problem with backup

I cannot make the Virtualmin backup work, with settings: "All virtual servers", local file "/usr/baks/%Y-%m-%d-%R-virtmin", "Do strftime-style time subs etc.", "One file per server, in new format". It craps out with this:

[various operations]
Creating TAR file of home directory ..
.. TAR failed!

/bin/sh: /usr/baks/2006-02-21-13:07-virtmin/ No such file or directory

(For privacy, I have replaced the actual domain name with DOMAIN above. Also, /usr/baks is not the location I really want to use ultimately).

It makes no difference if I make the "file name" (in this case, treated as a directory evidently) a fixed value without strftime substitutions, I get the same problem. My guess is that the directory is not being automatically created.

Additionally "Logrotate configuration" is being backed up despite the check-box being unchecked for that option. That's caused a problem at times, in other contexts.

Additionally, while trying different possibilities, the system managed to completely blow away a backup directory that contained other files. It just plain removed everything in it.

The *only* thing that I can get to work is "Backup format: Single archive file". This is despite the system's own advice to use "One file per server, in new format" as the recommended option.

Frankly there's a depressingly familiar pattern with Virtualmin and Webmin: I try something that ought to be straightforward and solid, a basic feature, that just fails badly. I have to ask, is any of this code tested before becoming "production"? I am not doing anything out of the ordinary here.

Closed (fixed)