Cloudmin add existing physical virtualmin server


I have spent the past few days migrating our websites over to a virtualmin server all gone very smoothly. I have now installed Cloudmin Connect for Virtualmin on a separate server and want to add the virtualmin server to it. Can you clarify that this this possible? Will it cause any issues for the existing sites on the virtualmin server, these have web, ssl and mysql enabled but no mail.

Kind regards Jason



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Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

It sounds like you're saying that you have Cloudmin Connect setup on "Server A", and Virtualmin setup on "Server B" -- and you're looking to connect Cloudmin to the existing Virtualmin installation, so that you can use Cloudmin Connect to manage it. Does that sound about right?

If so, then yes, that is no problem at all!

You can actually connect as many Virtualmin servers as you want in that manner. They will appear as managed hosts within Cloudmin, and you can use that to do things like perform software updates, add new domains, run commands, and so forth.

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks for your response,

I have now added "Server B" which had existing sites running on it and a "Server C" which was a fresh install.

"Server C" is working fine, I can add new "virtualmin domains" and click on them which opens up a new tab taking me to the virtualmin view of the domain. However when I click on a domain on "Server B" I get a new tab opening with the title of "Error" and a blank page. The URL it tries to load is:


Any ideas why this isn't working as expected?

Kind regards Jason

Which theme are you using on "server C" ?

Both servers are using the Authentic Theme

I just tested this, but wasn't able to re-produce it - the link to a specific domain on the remote system worked fine.

Ok, so any ideas on how to diagnose the problem on my system?

Which Webmin version is the remote system running? My tests were on 1.844.

The virtualmin server uses versions: Webmin 1.844 Virtualmin 5.99

The cloudmin server is: Webmin 1.840 Cloudmin 9.2.real

If you add the line error_stack=1 to /etc/webmin/config on the remote system and then re-try the problem link, does a more detailed error message appear?