Virtualmin Professional Monthly Subscription?

Hello - I've just notice that we're getting billed monthly now (Virtualmin Professional Monthly Subscription for 10 Domains (vm10mo)) as well as paying for our annual renewals? Has there been a pricing change? Thanks -Tony



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Since 2016, we began offering a monthly option, in addition to a yearly option.

It's either one or the other though -- monthly or yearly. You wouldn't need to pay both.

In your case, it does appear that you have two licenses, each Virtualmin 10's.

Both licenses were purchased at the same time in May, as seen in this order here:

Is that incorrect? Did you only want one license?

If so, we'd be happy to cancel and refund the extra license if you only meant to buy one.

Looking through this, I'm not sure what we've purchased. Order 26275 is for a one year, 10 license but has no associated license number (not sure what that means) plus a single monthly subscription payment lumped in. Order 41145 is for a one year, 10 license for license 5566557. Order 4144 is a monthly subscription payment for license 5566556. Order 42606 is a monthly subscription payment for license 5566556. The end goal would be for orders 26275 and and 41145 to simply be annuals with no monthly subscription(s) . If this can happen, wonderful. No refunds needed. Thanks -Tony

In your order history are a mix of past and present purchases.

The only active licenses you have though are the two that were purchased in May 2017 -- one of which is for a yearly, and the other for the monthly.

Ignore the "No associated license" message, that's just a weird Drupalism in how it displays your order., You can see your two active licenses by going into Account -> Software Licenses.

Knowing that, how would you like to proceed?

Should we cancel the monthly Virtualmin 10, so that you can purchase a yearly Virtualmin 10?

Thanks for the clarification. Yes please terminate the monthly subscription. We only need the single 10 billed annually. Thanks very much! Tony

No problem, I cancelled your monthly Virtualmin 10 order, and refunded all the payments for it.

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!