Suggestion for usermin


I was wondering, if there was a possibility to office usermin as a module which would not run on port 20000 but be available under normal Apache webserver. I mean to say that " could we go away from running usermin under 20000 and may be run it under port 80 or 443 may be with a redirect or something..

I think then it would be more useful and reachable to users?

I dont know if i am able to explain myself properly, but i hope you get my drift.. :)

Thanks, Rohit.



Howdy -- when used along with Virtualmin, each domain is given a "webmail.domain.tld" domain name that redirects to Usermin on port 20000.

In that case, the users don't need to know anything about the port, they just browse to a URL they're familiar with, and are then taken to Usermin.

Does that help with the concerns you're sharing?

actually that is correct but you see the redirect is going to the port 20000 and this port might be blocked in some corporate networks or the certificate behind usermin might be self signed and so it detriments the user to use usermin, people want simple webmail uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names:,, Error code: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN

Even tough i have a openssl certificate in server1, due to it being redirect the browser is complaining..

.. for example roundcube which just works in any situation.. i had come across somewhere where a reverse proxy was being run to get the user to only see normal 80/443 and in the background the service port was being renderred.. i guess the question is, is there a big plus to have usermin on 20000, can this not be implement other ways?

Again this is not a concern, i am just suggesting an option.. Do you see my point?

One option would be to proxy access to usermin via apache - you could setup a virtualhost for which just forwards all traffic to localhost:20000 . See for docs on how to do this.