Problems with virtualmin mailman module

I'm trying to set up some mailing lists for my virtualmin pro hosts. Have had a mailman server running for some time in a GPL installation of Virtualmin but, in my licensed version, I don't seem to be able to add members to the list. I get the error:

"Failed to add list member : Add members to a list from the command line. Usage: add_members [options] listname Options: --regular-members-file=file -r file A file containing addresses of the members to be added, one address per line. This list of people become non-digest members. If file is -', read addresses from stdin. Note that -n/--non-digest-members-file are deprecated synonyms for this option. --digest-members-file=file -d file Similar to above, but these people become digest members. --welcome-msg= -w Set whether or not to send the list members a welcome message, overriding whatever the list'ssend_welcome_msg' setting is. --admin-notify= -a Set whether or not to send the list administrators a notification on the success/failure of these subscriptions, overriding whatever the list's admin_notify_mchanges' setting is. --nomail -n Set the newly added members mail delivery to disabled by admin. --help -h Print this help message and exit. listname The name of the Mailman list you are adding members to. It must already exist. You must supply at least one of -r and -d options. At most one of the files can be-'."

Installed Mailman from packages, configured the default list as instructed by the Mailman installer and then enabled the plugin in Virtualmin. Can enable mailman on a host, create a list within that host but, not add any members to it. Any suggestions?



Howdy -- sorry that you're having problems adding Mailman members!

As a temporary workaround, you should be able to add them using Mailman itself, rather than the Virtualmin interface.

On the Virtualmin GPL installations that are working, what Mailman version are they using? And am I correct that you're using Mailman 2.1.0 with Ubuntu 16.04 there on the Virtualmin Pro server?

Also, when you added the user, which of the digest, welcome email and admin options did you select?

Hi, The GPL version is using Mailman 2.1.16-2ubuntu0.2 0 on Ubuntu 14.04 and, I just discovered that it is currently exhibiting the same behaviour as in my Pro virtualmin install on Ubuntu 16.06. It was working just fine as recently as a couple months ago. Managing the list via CLI works as expected but, in this case the client specifically likes the VIrtualmin Mailman interface for management so, I'm anxious to get it up and going.

Our test systems running Mailman 2.1.15 aren't seeing this problem.

Which version of the Mailman plugin are you running? This is visible at System Settings -> Features and Plugins.

Version 6.3 is the Mailman version, installed as per default.

There is a 6.5 version now - I can send you a beta if you like?

Jamie, Sorry just seeing this reply now. Yes, I'd like to try the beta. Thanks!

Ok - which linux distribution are you running there, and what email address can I send it to?