Renamed Subdomain

This is not a virtualmin issue, but some kind of DNS / cache / whatever thing, which I don't understand. I hope that you can help me nevertheless.

I renamed the subdomain abc.domain.tld to xyz.domain.tld. Everything worked fine, but in my main browser, when I enter xyz.domain.tld the request is redirected to abc.domain.tld. When I use a "fresh clean" browser everything is fine.

I thought of cleaning the cache of the browser manually - but then I thought: no, DNS lookups do either succeed or fail - but they won't redirect you from one domain to another. I then thought of Apache - but if it were Apache's fault, the clean browser would also be redirected.

Neither of the domains is DNS-wise handled outside Virtualmin.

Do you have any idea what makes the browser redirect the new subdomain xyz to the old abc one?

I would like to find a solution, with which I could suppress this unwanted behaviour, as my customer is now a bit irritated. ^^



Howdy -- as you suggested, you could be seeing a DNS cache issue there, or a browser cache issue. Your DNS provider may have cached the previous value, or the browser could have done something similar.

I would try restarting your browser, and/or clearing the cache.

If that doesn't fix it -- it could be a DNS cache issue. There's unfortunately not a good fix for that -- if a DNS provider has cached a previous value, the only fix is to wait until the DNS cache has cleared (typically no more than a day or two), or to change DNS providers.

It is really strange. I cleared all caches, that I could get hold of, but when entering xyz in the address field, it forwards the request to abc ... seems to be a browser problem and will hopefully resolve itself one fine day ... sigh - sometimes I hate computers ^^

May I add an off-topic question? What is the "Subject" field meant for? It is never used and nowhere displayed?!

Yeah, it's an odd Drupalism... the support tracker uses the same form as the Forums, but doesn't use all the fields provided.

You're right, it is indeed very odd!