Create new Virtual Server / Sub-Server as account owner

I migrated from WHM/Cpanel to Virtualmin and am having a really difficult time with permissions and finding the documentation.

My server is primarily for personal use but I do host a few domains for a friend of mine. With WHM my friend could easily create additional sites with new domains and email accounts. With VIrtualmin he is completely unable to do so. Under Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits I have set everything to unlimited and checked every box. "Allow sub-servers not under this domain? " is set to yes. "Allow sub-servers under other users' domains?" is set to yes. Yet when logged in with his account there is no option to create a new virtual server or sub-server?

What am I missing?????



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us, and sorry that you're having a problem adding new domains!

Is your server perhaps at the 10 domain limit? That could cause the symptoms you're seeing.

What is the output of this command:

virtualmin license-info