Preview Website doesn't work with 5.07.gpl


I have 3 different VPS with Webmin/Virtualmin (Debian 7).

On 2 of them i have a 400 error "Bad request" when i want to use "Preview Website" in Services.

VPS 1 : Webmin 1.830 / Virtualmin 5.05.gpl : OK ( 1 website with SSL)

VPS 2 : Webmin 1.831 / Virtualmin 5.07.gpl : KO - error 400 ( several website NO SSL)

VPS 3 : Webmin 1.840 / Virtualmin 5.07.gpl : KO - error 400 (1 website - SSL)

Furthermore, on the VPS 2 i have a website with Revive Ads Server and the redirection of the banners didn't work anymore.

Do you think it is a bug with 5.07 version or a configuration issue ?

Thanks in advance Gil



Do any of these domains have http to https redirects setup?

No they are all in http without redirection even if some of domains have SSL features enabled in virtualmin.