Incorrect assertion that "mod_php" is being used.


Howdy -- it's possible that there is a configuration issue that's causing that problem.

Would it be possible to put a file named "test.php" into the public_html folder for that domain, and place the following into that file;

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

And then would it be possible for us to see the resulting URL?


At the top of the linked post, I gave the line of Virtualmin Perl code and the Directory directive that triggers the bug.

What's this about "configuration"?

Also, how can I provide the "resulting URL" without publishing the domain name I'm working on?

So if I am reading the original thread right, the problem is that you have a Directory block with the path /home/*/public_html instead of the actual domain's directory? Because this is definitely not supported by Virtualmin and will cause all kinds of breakage, beyond just detecting the PHP mode wrong.

That's right -- the thing that triggered the incorrect PHP mode was something not supported by Virtualmin. I was attempting to import a website that had been managed by Plesk to Virtualmin -- which is hard enough without bad error messages sending people on a wild goose chase that, ultimately, has them stepping through Virtualmin code with the Perl debugger.

In this case, was the Directory block that used /home/* inside the domain's Virtualhost block? If not, there's no way that Virtualmin could even theoretically detect that another PHP mode is in use. In which case, it falls back to assuming mod_php, which is typically configured globally.

It was inside the domain's VirtualHost block.

Ok .. I wonder why cpanel uses a * in the path, when it can only possibly match a single domain's home directory?

Anyway, the 6.00 release of Virtualmin will handle this case.