secure email

Hi, The emails from my domains are all coming back as " did not encrypt this message." Can someone direct me to documentation on how to fix this? I'm not even sure of the general path. Thank you,



Howdy -- try adding this line to your /etc/postfix/ file:

smtp_tls_security_level = may

And then restart Postfix.

Does it work properly after that?

Yes, this gave it standard encryption which is GREAT! And, I thought that would fix my bigger issue, which was mail being sent to spam. Any mail that arrives from my domain receives this warning in gmail -->>> "gmail couldn't verify that actually sent this message (and not a spammer)."

Other people report that mail from my-domain goes directly into their spam box. I know they can "add" my domain to their list of contacts, but if there's a way to fix this, I'd like to know.

Thank you for your fix! Any suggestions of where to look for this one??

If you aren't using SPF or DKIM, you may want to enable one or both of those... those can make a difference in keeping email out of the spam folder.