Incomplete Apache SSL configuration for Let's Encrypt !


If you use the built-in Let's Encrypt feature in Virtualmin to generate and install automatically SSL certificates for a virtual server it makes half the job ! It's missing to add the ca file record in Apache configuration !

What virtualmin does: SSLCertificateFile /home/orn6hon4i5ph/domains/ SSLCertificateKeyFile /home/orn6hon4i5ph/domains/

and what it should be: SSLCertificateFile /home/orn6hon4i5ph/domains/ SSLCertificateKeyFile /home/orn6hon4i5ph/domains/ SSLCACertificateFile /home/orn6hon4i5ph/domains/





Howdy -- hmm, it should be adding a "SSLCACertificateFile" line that points to the file.

It might be lower than the other lines though, they aren't always grouped together.

Do you by chance see a "SSLCACertificateFile" line in your Apache config there? I just did some testing and it does appear to be working for me.

Hum confused because I just checked with an other virtual that I "upgraded" to SSL and this time it added well the three lines for certificates ! Might be only on virtual I migrated from an other virtualmin server... Will let you know if problem happens again, sorry for inconvenience ;)

Additional details: Remove SSL feature of an existing virtual server Put back SSL feature on that virtual server

Virtualmin has putted back in Apache the two lines for the previous certificate but don't put back the line for the ca certificate :(

Do you have the certbot or letsencrypt or letsencrypt-auto commands installed on your system?

In fact I have no idea which one it uses, I made a search on package installed on system but non of the three got me some success :(

I mean, if you run those commands, are any of them installed?