How to create alias to file

Hi, To get to my email I have type "" I'd like to create an alias for this and would like the alias to be "". How do I accomplish this in Virtualmin?



Howdy -- Virtualmin comes with a "webmail" alias built-in, would that work for you?

You can make it so that going to "" redirects to any URL that you want.

You can tweak where the webmail alias points in System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default -> Apache Website, and there, look for the "URL for Webmin Redirect" option.

You could also create a separate virtual server, and configure it to just redirect to

Yes... that sounds like what I would like. How do I configure server to redirect?

Sorry which idea above was it you wanted to try? Comment #1 or Comment #2? :-)

Answers to both would be GREAT!!! Buuutttt... I was referring to number 2.

Okay, let's start with Jamie's idea in #2.

What you would do first is create a new Virtual Server with your preferred name (such as

Then, go into Server Configuration -> Website Redirects, and there, you can setup a redirect to any URL you wish.