Unable to enable DKIM

I am trying to enable DKIM.

I am unable to click "Yes" for the "Signing of outgoing mail enabled?" option.

I searched online for answers but the remedies did not work. Please advise.




Howdy -- what happens when trying to enable DKIM?

Are you receiving an error message of some sort?

No, I do not receive an error message.

When I save it and go back to DKIM profile the option is not enabled.

Is that the only option that you can't enable? Can you setup DKIM signing of outgoing email OK?


I reloaded the server and the software and all is working now.

Thanks for the help and you can close the issue now.

Glad to hear that's working now!

Just to verify -- when you said you reloaded the server, did you mean you had rebooted? Or did you mean you reinstalled the server?