virt running sites as apache instead of user

I have more than one site that is being run as apache instead of their user account. How can this get fixed?



Ok I had to go site by site and reset the users to their correct users and groups inside of virt. I am really thinking this installation has got issues with all of the weird crap i keep seeing.

Howdy -- that does sound like an unusual issue! That's working better for you now though?

PHP scripts are running as the proper Virtual Server owner now? appears that way..:)

Let us know if you run into that again. We've seen like what you described in the past -- where even though FCGID or CGI was being used, the Apache user was the owner of the PHP process, and not the Virtual Server owner.

There's various possible causes for that, though the most common one we had seen was when PHP from a third party repository had been installed. The PHP config installed from some repositories can cause Virtualmin's Apache config to be overridden, and forces mod_php to be used.

That's just one possible cause though, we can certainly troubleshoot other possible causes if that issue occurs again.