X shows on loading progress bar

Has someone noticed that when you switch between Webmin and Virtualmin clicking on the top logos the loading bar shows an X if you move the mouse cursor over the loading bar?

This happens on all browsers and seems to be a code bug.

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Submitted by Ilia on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 17:16


It's intended. In some very rare cases, it could stuck, so you would use it to dismiss the loader and show navigation menu content.

So its intentionally there? Why not set a time out instead and then show the menu anyway? That way it will disappear on its own if its stuck for some reason.

Browsers already have a stop/reload button anyway and I assume most people would just hit reload if something doesn't come up.

Is this related to the way ?/virtualmin is appended to the url? When clicking the Virtualmin logo (not on Webmin).

I noticed only the authentic theme does this. All other themes stick to just example.com:10000 correctly in the url address bar. Personally I don't like that either because as authentic is the official default theme it can be used as core or basis for other themes and other themes don't append any names on the url address bar either.

I mean, the default theme should be as clean and native integrated (without any specific things) to the software because that is exactly what most people would clone or copy.

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Submitted by Ilia on Sun, 04/16/2017 - 13:25


I would agree with you that it could be dismissed automatically and it will be fixed in this

The other points are poles apart from what I think we should be heading.
At first, even though Authentic Theme is default, it doesn't mean it should or could be used as a core or basic bluntly (clone or copy). Anyone having knowledge, and time, to create something like Authentic Theme, would never use any parts of its code and done things in its own way, I believe. (that's what I would do anyway).
In the second place, appending names at the URL is just, fine from my point of view. Gray Theme accepts one or few URL params, by the way. In the future we will use much more URL re-writes, as we switch to single frame app, the same way Google does in its apps.

It will enable a user to have direct access to the navigation menu and the content from using the URL. This is the whole idea of URL, even though having it clear is looking good.

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Submitted by Ilia on Sun, 04/16/2017 - 13:25

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