Deny Email Senders

I have been religiously clicking Deny Senders on aggregious sources of email spam. Yet I am not at all convinced that these email senders are truly being denied. Where can I look to view my list of denied senders?

When I deny senders, am I denying server wide or just for my account. I would like to do either or both.



You can see them at Mail -> SpamAssassin Mail Filter -> Allowed and Denied Addresses.

It made sense to me that the denied senders should appear in Mail -> SpamAssassin Mail Filter -> Allowed and Denied Addresses - but this may be a difference. I am looking in Servers-SpamAssassin-Mail Filter - Allowed and Denied. Nothing that I have proactively denied through my webmail is appearing in Denied Senders. All that's in denied senders are about 4 listings I placed there manually. I have literally denied hundreds of senders. Is my expectation wrong, or is something not working?

Make sure your checking this in the UI on port 20000, not in the regular Virtualmin UI on port 10000.

I was going to send screen shots, but looks like there's not a provision for attachments here. I am looking in the 20000 window and see nothing along the left hand menu that provides visibility to the addresses I have denied. I see Mail Filters and Spam Preferences, but no list of denied. Could it be that something in Postfix isn't configured to provide this feature?

Sorry, this issue tracking software makes things harder than they should be, but you can add an attachment by going into "Edit" at the top of the issue, and there you can add a new attachment.

Could you share a screenshot of what you see after clicking the "SpamAssassin Mail Filter" option?

You can also see blocked addresses in the file .spamassassin/user_prefs under the mailbox user's home directory.

With your guidance today I found the listings in the Usermin Pane, I had always been looking in the Mail pane. They are there and I will certainly continue adding to them. Thank you for your patience with me! Case Closed.

This issue has been very satisfactorily resolved, thank you Virtualmin!