Install script for egroupware failed

I tryed to install egroupware (scriptinstaller) on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04. The script stopt with the message that latest version of egroupware does not support php7 ... but that is not true! Wher can I fix the check ?

Cheers, Ralf



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Submitted by unborn on Tue, 04/11/2017 - 06:45 Pro Licensee


hi, I think its true.. php 5.x is required but nothing mentioned about php 7.x as you can see it here on this link: and script it self is telling you that - and from logic of the script - perhaps this was coded to tell you that if you would do try to install it on php 7.x....

Your best bet to check if that supports php 7.x would be and ask dev directly?

Edit: done install on my debian (jessie) virtual machine server without issues - please note that jessie does not use php7 and I have no php 7 installed manually. So I feel that error msg on yours is true. but I could be very wrong on this, still best bet would be ask dev of it directly

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Submitted by unborn on Tue, 04/11/2017 - 09:06 Pro Licensee


it did for me.. sorry, I would not have (time) facility to check that on my own but standard jessies install worked for me.. I wish you good luck and also please come back to this issue if you would not be able to install with older php..

  • also please note that git repo link you provided - does not have issues open for public...(it could also mean its well only dev = unstable or non ready realeases repo) means few things.. I would still follow only official package on website it self.

have good day

We've unfortunately seen some issues with eGroupware on PHP 7. You may indeed need to use PHP 5.x for that.

It's actually a bug that it allows you to install it there at all, it shouldn't actually provide you with that option when PHP 7 is in use.

Jamie, according to this request here:

It was the intention to not allow eGroupware to be installed on PHP7, do you know if that's been rolled out yet?

That eGroupware limitation should already be distributed to users who have automatic script installer updated enabled.