Virtualmin template Bind DNS, Additional Nameservers can't use $DOM in name

I simply wish to create a hidden DNS master on the new domain, with 2 slaves: ns1.$DOM & ns2.$DOM. I don't create a nameserver record for this server - hidden server. I can create the A records for ns1.$DOM & ns2.$DOMin the template with no problems ... they are the same 2 IPs, but I don't want to use their FQDN's as it will always cause extra DNS queries(ADDITIONAL Section in dig). The registrar names are set as ns1 & ns2 .domainname, with appropriate glue records. When I enter ns1.$DOM it rejects it saying no server found(or similar), with the name "ns1. $DOM" (literally) If I set this up manually it all works fine.

Is there a way to achieve this within the template?

Note: I actually tried by creating the 2 NS records in the "Bind DNS records" (eg. $DOM IN NS ns1.$DOM), which generated the zone file entries on a create, but dig @localhost ... decided it was a recursive(blocked) request.

If not possible, could it become a feature request ?



I'm not sure about the "Additional Nameservers" field, but the "BIND DNS records for new domains" field should definitely allow that.

What happens if you add your nameserver records there? For example, you should be able to use a variable like this there:


I had missed the trailing "." after the $DOM in the DNS Records. Is this "all" that the Additional Nameservers do ?

It also adds the nameserver to allow-transfer and also-notify in the BIND config.