Some string in translation are not shown in UI

Hello, Im trying to translate an UTF8 spanish translation for Virtualmin. I have a problem, when I translate strings, some of them are shown, and some are not shown in the UI.

I have es.UTF-8 selected in Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> Language and Global language .. Spanish (es.UTF-8) -> in Webmin -> Change language and theme

Im editing /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/lang/es.UTF-8, an utf8 version of /usr/share/webmin/virtual-server/lang/es The original es version that comes with virtualmin seems to have the same problem

I have attached a screenshot with the problem. Red arrow: Translation is NOT shown. Green arrow: translation is shown

What can be the problem? Thanks!



Does it make any difference if you select the "Virtualmin Framed Theme" on the "Change language and theme" page?

No it does not, I still having the same problem with the old theme. Perhaps its cached somewhere... I have tried restarting webmin too (/etc/init.d/webmin restart) , but it does not changes... It does not changes, even if a modify the original ENGLISH translation (/webmin/virtual-server/lang/En)....
I have tried on another Virtualmin installation on other machine. Same problem.

Does it make any difference if you SSH in as root and run /etc/webmin/restart ?

Some strings are cached in RAM in the webmin server process.