PHP. IMAP and osTicket

Hi there,

Just trying to get PHP and IMAP working together for osTicket without overdoing/over-installing additional software beyond what comes with the standard Virtualmin installation. I had to downgrade PHP from 5.6 to 5.5 to get SMTP working with osTicket, and hoping I don't have to compromise much more to get IMAP working.

As you can see, php-imap is on the server:

[03:00:31 root@server etc]# yum list installed|grep imap
php-imap.x86_64                   5.4.16-3.el7             @virtualmin
[03:01:15 root@server etc]#

I only downgraded the directory where osTicket is installed (/help) but /home/user/etc/php.ini is linked to php5.6/php.ini, so I presume the downgrade is taken care of in an Apache configuration file somewhere.

So if php-imap is on the server, I'm assuming that I can activate it for this domain by adding this line to a php.ini file somewhere and restarting Apache:

If so, where is the php.ini file where I'd add this?

Am I on the right track, or out to lunch?




Howdy -- yeah you should have other directories containing php.ini files located in /home/user/etc/.

The php.ini you see in /home/user/etc/ is the default, but the ones in the sub-directories are used when an alternate PHP version is selected.

Let us know if you have any questions on that!

Hi Eric,

Oh, OK, makes sense, thanks. So would you agree that adding "" to the file in /home/user/etc/php5.5/php.ini should enable IMAP in PHP for the /help directory where osTicket is installed under PHP 5.5?


Absolutely! Though you'd need to ensure that the IMAP module is installed for that particular PHP version.

If the IMAP module is installed for other PHP versions, but not this one, that particular line would generate an error.

Ah, so version 5.4.16-3.el7 of php-imap is probably for PHP 5.4 then?

That's correct... the name of what you'd need depends on the repository it came from, but it is often something like php55-imap.

OK, thanks. I'll work on it later.