Postfix disallow non domain emails


Presently postfix is configured as default as mail sending for the server. I have server domain running, mostly hosting wordpress. How can i limit the sending of emails from server for non hosted domains. for ex: is hosted, but wordpress on is able to send out an email to an end user masked as email coming from Know there is a parameter, dont want to screw up my postfix.




I'm not sure if you can prevent this with Postfix. It maybe better to look into the source of the problem, and see what script it sending out email with faked "from" addresses.

Well I cannot control every site? Some are of clients.. Thought there was a parameter under postfix server options

Sorry I don't know of a single parameter that would do what you're asking.

You could probably do what you're after though using what's described in the section "Restricting what users can send mail to off-site destinations" of this Postfix document heree: