Virtual Server Replication and files with ÆØÅ

When doing a Virtual Server Replication all files that has æøå letters in them are ignored, which is kind of a big deal especially for WordPress sites, since it doesn't normalize filenames.

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Howdy -- yeah that's definitely not good if it's missing files!

If you perform a Virtual Server backup using Virtualmin, are those files included in that?

Yes, backing up to amazon aws for instance, no problems at all.

Are these filenames under the domain's home directory that have æøå in them? Or does the domain name contain those characters?

No domains with æøå, these are files under the home directory.

I just did a test, and a file with those characters was transferred just fine.

Which Linux distribution and version are the source and dest systems running?

Running debian 8 host and vm.

That is really strange. I can't think of anything else that could've caused this. All files with æøå on all 30 or so domains were missing after running a replication.

Does the same thing happen if you just backup and restore a domain on the same system?

Jamie, he had mentioned in Comment #2 above that he does backups (to AWS) using Virtualmin and that those are working properly.

Ah .. interesting. Ok, let me try a transfer to see if there's anything special about it.

jonkristian - on the transfer form, what do you have the "Over-write existing domain?" option set to?

Hm, which form? I can't find the "Over-write existing domain" in the replication form.

Are you setting up Virtualmin domain replication in Cloudmin?

Yes that's what I did.

  • 1. Set source.
  • 2. Set destination.
  • 3. Tick "All on source".
  • 4. Advanced ticked "All features in selected domains".

So there are a few small differences in the way replication is done vs. backup and restore, so I re-tested this specifically to try to re-produce this bug ... but it still worked fine on test systems!

Are both systems running the same linux distribution and version?


Host is running debian 8, and both source+target vm is running your cloudmin kvm debian image.

Is it Debian 8 on the VMs as well? Also, do they share home directory contents in any way, such as via NFS?

Yes debian 8. No special setup, and not sharing home.

Ok, I finally found the cause of this - it's due to the tar command outputting filenames in an odd format sometimes. This will be fixed in the next Webmin release.

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Thank you Jamie, I'm glad you found it.

Was beginning to think about anything else that could've caused this.

It was tricky as it ONLY happens during replication, not during backup and restore, even though they mostly use the same code.

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