Hide file/directory for specified FTP user

I am trying to hide a directory for a FTP user.

I've tried adding this to the end of proftpd.conf:

<Directory /home/username/public_html/*>
        HideFiles (\admin)$
        <Limit ALL>
        IgnoreHidden On

I am trying to hide the folder called admin for some ftp users!



Howdy -- I've unfortunately not tried to configure ProFTPd to do that before, so I don't have much experience with how to go about that.

But two quick thoughts --

Just to verify, did you restart ProFTPd after making that change? That wouldn't be active without restarting.

And also, are you sure that you're connecting via FTP, and not SFTP? If you were connecting to SFTP on port 22, you wouldn't see that change either.

  1. I've restarted ProFTPd after making that change
  2. Yes i'm using SFTP instead of FTP
  3. I couldn't login using FTP since i have installed virtualmin, onle using SFTP

SFTP would be going through SSH on port 22, rather than FTP on port 21.

If you connect via FTP on port 21, does it work as expected at that point?