order problem

I am Noguchi from Japan. I have some promlem about the payment. I am not a Enlsih speaker. Sorry about my Enlish maybe there is some mistakes in the text. I only want to have a try of the virtualmin for one month. I thought the payment will stop in one month. So I click the one month 6 dollar button. It works well and I intended to use it in future.why it has cost me eight months' fee with no mention and choice at the payment page and automatic renewed . I only used it for one month. Today I checked the accout and began to use it and foud this cost. Hope stop all the Recurring order return the funds coming from my card. And expanding the unuse timing to the licence. order number 36965 wrong order please cancel the order.I am not a English speaker. Sorry about my bad English. Thank you.



Hi ahamaltd -- sorry for the confusion!

The licenses are all recurring. You can pay monthly, or yearly, but the costs are recurring until you cancel your license.

You can cancel at any time.

We never wish to mislead anyone, and the text descriptions for the various licenses do mention that it's a subscription, meaning that it would recur until cancelled.

However, we'll definitely review whether we can improve the descriptions of the products.

In the meantime, I've cancelled your licenses, and refunded your payments.

Thanks for giving Virtualmin a try!