Emails Not WOrking

So my client is supposed to pull info automatically from the server, and I have that setup on the server but the client can't pull it up. But thats the least of my problems, I can't get the client to connect to smtp, I do port scan on machine and port 25 is listening. Everything is up and running, I can send email from inside virtualmin, but I can't get my client to connect on port 25 to smtp to send mail out :(



Really need help with this issue

Howdy -- sorry for the delay, you caught us late at night in our timezone.

Thanks for purchasing a support request though, and we're happy to help out.

What error is your email client showing when trying to send an email?

Also, can you confirm that port 25 is what your email client is using to send email?

Most email clients use TLS or SSL for email sending, which would go out via port 465 or 587.

If that's the case, it may mean we just need to determine which port it's using, and then determine why that particular port isn't accepting connections.

Got it working, did I use up my ticket money, or can I ask help for another problem ?

I'm glad to hear you got it working!

It doesn't really seem like we helped much... so we'd either be willing to refund your money, or you're welcome to ask another question, which ever you prefer.

Its so weird lol, everytime I have a problem, I figure it out lol ... I'm sure one day Ill get real stuck,we can keep the money till then. Sorry for the trouble :) Thank You

Sure, that's no problem!

It's great that you've got that all sorted out -- and yeah, if you run into a problem in the future, let us know and we'll lend a hand!