Can't use XEN due to missing qemu-dm

Hello, I have a big issue not which is preventing me from using cloudmin at all. I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 with Xen 4.6 and cannot create any systems due to the following error:

"Creating virtual system with Xen .. .. creation failed : The Xen HVM command qemu-dm was not found on"

I'm in desperate need for a fix to this. I've searched everywhere for the qemu-dm package with no luck and can't even find the source for it. can anyone please help me with this? I'd appreciate it very much.

  • Andre


Does that command exist anywhere on your system? You can find it with :

find / -name qemu-dm

I ran into the same issue. Is there a way to turn qemu-dm off? I was able to get the system onto cloudmin by manually creating the .cfg file and then importing it. I also had an issue where if I did not include the lines "kernel = " and "device_model = " which are both depreciated in xen 4.6.

Have you tried creating a VM that's not using HVM mode? It's rarely needed, unless running a non-Linux OS.

Yes, that works fine. I like using HVM to boot new cd images (.iso) of different linux distros and the lack of newer PV images almost makes this a necessity.

I also find HVM guests are easier to play with and move around.