pro version accidentally stuck in ubuntu gpl repo?

have an ubuntu 12.04 machine running gpl virtualmin. ran apt-get updates today and got version 5.06 (non gpl). now complaining about license invalid. other centos based systems got 5.05gpl.

did the wrong package get pushed to the gpl repo for ubuntu?



apt-cache policy webmin-virtual-server webmin-virtual-server: Installed: 5.06 Candidate: 5.06 Version table: *** 5.06 0 500 virtualmin-universal/main amd64 Packages 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status 5.05.gpl 0 500 virtualmin-universal/main amd64 Packages

i have now downgraded to 5.05.gpl and things are happier. looks like you just need to fix the repo now.

now that i look closer, i see that the centos systems also got 5.06 (non-gpl), but the new features section shows 5.05.gpl. and the centos systems aren't complaining about licensing. looking back through yum logs, i see the previous version was 5.05.gpl

what is going on?

Thanks for the heads up, we're looking into that!

Same here on Debian 7 and 8. Both fresh installs and updates of existing systems switch to non-gpl version.

Sorry about that guys, Joe goofed and put the wrong version in that repo. He's working on a fix for that now.