Roundcube won't install because there's no MySQL, but there is!

I transferred a virtual server from one Virtualmin installation to another. The server appears to have transferred perfectly well, but the client wants to use RoundCube webmail. So I tried to install it and I got the following error message:

'This script cannot be installed, as this virtual server does not meet its requirements : A MySQL database is needed.'

So, I went to Webmin -> Servers -> MySQL Server and there seems to be a running version of MySQL. There are five tables: admin, performance_schema, information_schema, test and mysql. I accepted all the defaults and the domain worked with RoundCube before it was transferred.

Not sure where to start to try and make it work.



Howdy -- if you go into Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features, is the MySQL database feature enabled for that user?


Of course! So sorry to trouble you with something so trivial! However, all is still not well. I enabled MySQL and tried again, and this time I got :

Now installing RoundCube version 1.2.3 ..

Failed to extract source : Failed to create target directory : mkdir: cannot create directory '/home/virtualmin/': Permission denied

.. failed! See the error message above for the reason why.

So I went into File Manager and created the roundcube directory and re-ran the installation only to get the same message. So, I'm guessing that it is a rights/permission issue, but I'm not sure where those are set. Please could you point me in the right direction?

Thanks a lot.

Hmm, what is the output of these commands:

ls -ld /home/virtualmin
ls -ld /home/virtualmin/
ls -ld /home/virtualmin/harryhooper/public_html

ls -ld /home/virtualmin drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 4096 Feb 17 10:27 /home/virtualmin

ls -ld /home/virtualmin/ drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 Feb 17 10:27 /home/virtualmin/

ls -ld /home/virtualmin/harryhooper/public_html ls: cannot access /home/virtualmin/harryhooper/public_html: No such file or directory

The original VS on the 'old' server has the server in 'harryhooper2014'

The new server isn't live yet - would it be better to move the data into 'harryhooper' or modify the rest of the installation to fit round 'harryhooper2014' d'you think?

I'm unfortunately not familiar enough with your setup there to offer a recommendation for where to put that.

What I can offer though is that it sounds like it's trying to create a new directory in "/home/virtualmin/", but that permission settings are preventing that from working.

If you wish to use the above mentioned directory, we can help assist in verifying that the permissions are setup correctly.

Yes please to verifying the permissions!

BTW it is a tiny server with only two users. If it is simpler to use the default which Virtualmin is expecting, it might be easier to rename the server and then copy it into another server that the system expects to see so that we are more 'standard'. If you think that might be easier (as this is the first of about 50 such domain/servers I need to move - being as standard as possible is pretty appealing!) then perhaps I should try and do that instead?

It's possible the non-standard location is playing a part, though it's tough to say for sure at this point.

We'll need to see the output of the commands in Comment #3 above before we could make a recommendation in that regard.

The output of the commands in Comment #3 are in Comment #4???

Ah my bad, for some reason that didn't show up in the email notification I received. That definitely explains a lot of things though :-)

Sorry about that! But now I think I'm on the same page.

Okay, so, I see two issues there.

One, the root user owns "/home/virtualmin/ ". That should be owned by the Virtual Server owner.

And two, Virtualmin seems to think that the domain's DocumentRoot is "/home/virtualmin/", but that directory doesn't exist.

If it's an option, you may indeed have an easier time using the typical Virtualmin directory locations -- though it should also be possible to get things working in your current setup I believe.

If you're going to try and get things working without changing that around, you'd need to change where Virtualmin is looking for the DocumentRoot -- or, move the website into the DocumentRoot Virtualmin is using. And then make sure all the files/folders are owned by the Virtual Server owner.

Well, what you're seeing there isn't due to who created the Virtual Server.

If someone logs into Virtualmin -- be it root, a reseller, or whomever -- the Virtual Server will be created with a particular directory structure, and then set to be owned by the Virtual Server owner.

What you're seeing there is either because the permissions were changed afterwards, or possibly because Virtualmin is confused about something (which could potentially be due to the non-typical directory structure).

To change the owner of a directory, you can use the file manager to do that.

If you right click the directory name, go down to Properties, then select Change Owner. From there, you can set it to be owner by the Virtual Server owner's username and group.

Give that a shot and see if that works -- if you're still running into troubles after that, we can look deeper into what's involved in changing directory structures.

Well I'm really sorry. but I'm still having problems. I'm using Firefox and I'm logged in as root, but when I right click any directory, I do not get 'Properties' come up at all on any directory. That means that I can't really do what you are asking. I'm logging into Virtualmin as root, going to Webmin and then Other and then File Manager - is that what I should be doing or should I be using some other method to access File Manager? Thanks and sorry again.

Really sorry, but that doesn't work for me. I'm accessing Virtualmin using Firefox, and going through Webmin - Others to get to File Manager having logged in as root. If I right click on any directory, then 'Properties' is not an option on any of the directories that are listed in File Manager. What am I doing wrong please?

What Webmin version is it that you have there?

Also, can you share a screenshot of what you see when you right click a directory?

Lastly, what happens if you try that using a different browser, do you see different behavior at that point?

Webmin version 1.831.

Not sure how to share the screenshot - I thought that there was an upload button, but it's not appearing in my browser, so I will type the menu below:

Open Link in New Tab Open Link in New Window Open Link in New Private Window Bookmark this Link Share This Link Save Link As... Save Link to Pocket Copy Link Location View Image Copy Image Copy Image Location Save Image As... Share this Image Email Image... Set As Desktop Background... View Image Info This Frame Inspect Element (Q)

And if I try using IE, I do indeed get a 'Properties' option when I right click, but it is informational only and not functional. Again I can't load a screenshot, but the text content is:


Protocol: HyperText Transfer Protocol with Privacy

Type: Not available

Address: (URL) path=%2Fhome%2Fharryhooper2014

Happy to send you screenshots if you tell me how!


A screenshot might be helpful, I'd like to see what you're seeing there when hitting right-click.

Do you see an upload option if you go to the top of the page, and hit "Edit" on the original post?

Hmm... sorry that doesn't appear to have worked for some reason!

Is there any chance you could put the image on your server, and then provide us a URL to where we can view it?

Sorry that it took a while. The screenshot and the menu that the right click generates can be seen here:

Hopefully you can see it this time!


Ah, I see, you aren't getting a right-click menu at all from the file manager. That's the browsers right-click menu.

Do you by chance have another browser available that you could try?

If so, do you experience the same issue in that other browser?

I'll talk to Ilia about that particular problem, but that may take a little time to fix, so we'll need to come up with another way to resolve all that in the meantime.