Used too many licences

Ok tried to get an answer using the public forum but nothing yet. The problem was that I have installed our licensed virtualmin pro copy on a VM here at the shop. I had a problem and deleted the VM then set another up used the same license, then downgraded it to GPL after everything was settled. Now our production server is complaining that we have used too many licenses when we really haven't, there is only one in use. Is there a way to reset it please?

Regards Roger



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

The issue you're seeing is just a temporary one, and only the root user can see it. It also won't cause any problems.

It'll take a few days for the other server(s) to clear out of the Virtualmin license manager, but once it does that warning will go away.

It should be fine by Monday or so. If come Monday, you still see that message, let us know and we can dig into that a bit more.

Thank you!