copying a virtual server's SSL certificate to Webmin (with "Copy to Webmin" button) breaks Webmin

In a server's "Manage SSL Certificate" settings (under Virtualmin's "Server Configuration" menu), I clicked the "Copy to Webmin" button and Webmin promptly stopped working over https (e.g. This appears to be an unfortunate bug.

When hitting the usual URL for Webmin (, the miniserv error log says:

[28/May/2009:10:47:54 +0000] [] Bad Request

The /etc/webmin/miniserv conf file pointed to the virtual server's SSL key and certificate files in /etc/webmin (and they were indeed copied to the /etc/webmin directory). I edited the miniserv.conf file to point to the original SSL key and certificates and restarted Webmin and this fixed everything.