my issues with trying to track and stop spam from postfix

Virtualmin Theme version: 7.1
Virtualmin version: 3.69
Operating system: Ubuntu Linux 8.04.1
Hi guys.
After many rounds with Yahoo and finally getting to speak with someone they suggested checking /var/mail - I found the list of all email users - and noticed both a genuine '' as well as 'BOGUS.nick.imhandy.iSsG' which is I believe my problem. is completely refusing any messages from any of my domains on the shared server cause they all use the same external ip address...this is kinda problematic for me.

I installed sasl on the postfix server (hopefully correctly) and am able to send emails (though not to yahoo till they bless the system), but now am unable to send TO any email users on the shared (virtualmin controlled) server (like "").

1.when virtualmin sets up doesn't it use sasl?
2.can i look at the mail sent by 'BOGUS.nick.imhandy.iSsG'? do i delete that account if i can't see it in the virtualmin interface..?


Closed (fixed)