Virtualmin Technical Support module

First up, a question ... Is the "Remote Login" feature functioning yet?
the reason I ask is that it appears the notification email informing the Tech Team that they have access is not being sent

My experience with this module thus far: I am able to store my username and password - this will be helpful when Ticket Submission becomes available

My Feature Request:
In addition to being able to submit support tickets, it would be helpful to be able to review my existing tickets and respond with any additional data requests (or close open tickets)

At this time, it would seem that this feature does not exist as there is no icon for it on the current dashboard

An icon to open the forums page (in a new tab) could be handy too :)



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The Remote Login works great.

The only part of that module that doesn't work is the ability to submit new support requests, which Joe is still working on.

I've assigned this to Joe so that he can review your feature ideas.

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Submitted by Joe on Thu, 02/09/2017 - 04:40 Pro Licensee

Thanks for the reminder. I actually had finished fixing support for filing tickets a couple of weeks ago...but, haven't rolled it out yet, as I didn't have time to test it thoroughly before doing so at the time, and then got distracted by a bunch of other stuff. But, I should be able to roll it out first thing tomorrow (it's nearly 3am here, and I'm too tired to roll something that might break!).

Listing and updating tickets might be beyond my pay grade when it comes to Drupal development. But, I'll see what I can do. There are some security concerns there, in that we allow private tickets, which can contain sensitive information. The support module currently doesn't actually authenticate to the user (though that's in the plans); it looks up the user with the license info.

Hi Joe
With regards the Forum link ... I just meant a cute little icon that would open the forum in a tab/window

with regards listing tickets, I meant tickets belonging to that login only, so people could easily mark any open tickets as finalised / fixed / solved etc

Possibly, checking for unseen responses and having an alert icon which opens the User's page in a new tab would also work

I'm not familiar with Drupal at all, but I'd be happy to throw a mock up together - will need to do a little research first, so it may take a week or so to put together