Customer has 2 directories under public_html

public_html files videos

"files" has an .htaccess file with one line Options Indexs it works fine

"videos" as a copy of the files .htaccess file same permissions and owner but we get this error message in the apache log

[Tue Feb 07 12:54:09 2017] [alert] [client] /home/sessisolutions_com/public_html/videos/.htaccess: Illegal option Indexs




Howdy -- hmm, what is the output of these commands:

cat /home/sessisolutions_com/public_html/files/.htaccess
cat /home/sessisolutions_com/public_html/videos/.htaccess

[root@va3 videos]# cat /home/sessisolutions_com/public_html/files/.htaccess Options Indexes [root@va3 videos]# cat /home/sessisolutions_com/public_html/videos/.htaccess Options Indexes

Spelling.. sorry for the bother..

Hmm, I was busy being puzzled as to what the issue might be :-) Sounds like you guys figured it out then? That's good to hear!